Churchfields Allotments

Weybridge Charity owns and manages the Churchfields Allotments, which has over 270 plots. The Charity arranges letting of the plots, collection of rents, site maintenance, the supply of water and general supervision of the site.

It is the declared intention of the Managing Trustees of Weybridge Charity to retain Churchfields allotments as allotment land. This maintains the history of green land in the centre of Weybridge, and open views from Churchfields Park across the allotments towards St James’ Church.

Eligibility for an allotment plot is limited to those having a home address in the KT13 postcode area. 

Allotment plots come in varying sizes. 

Limited availability of Full size plots is provided for those serious gardeners wanting to allocate lots of time to working the plot and to enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits – and the bountiful harvests.

Half and Quarter size plots are more plentiful and are designed for families and those with less time available but who want to enjoy the space and the environment and the joy of growing fabulous crops.

To register interest in having an allotment plot simply send an email to allotments@weybridgecharity. providing residential address, phone number and contact email address and a short statement stating the reasons why you would like a plot.

Annual rents range from £70.00 (£1.35 per week) for a full plot to £28.00 (54p per week) for a quarter plot.

Once registration is confirmed prospective tenants will then be invited to an open morning / afternoon when attendees will receive a 30 minute briefing on what having an allotment involves followed by an opportunity to view all available vacant plots.

Our Churchfields allotments are operated as an important part of the Charity Objective.  The income from rents is used to meet the costs of maintenance and any surplus is used to benefit those in need in Wey bridge.  Having an allotment truly benefits the Weybridge community.